The spring of the hand-wound movement appears on the pocket replica watches

1) In the manual movement chain spring, the first movement factory spring must go "interference", the user manually moves the crown to a clock is also the oldest machine, his ancestors walked as early as the 15th century, usually 24 hours in the last week The spring of the hand-wound movement appears on the pocket watch. Currently, they are part of the old brand, but more owners fake rolex watches have forgotten the "wind" and "stop" your time.

2) Quartz movement: The chain of the mobile mobile station is automatically moved by the pendulum, so that the wedding table slowly stretches the spring, and the fake watch - is the effect of "moving". Automatic chain movement is the most mechanical choice for hours without wear and tear per day, no wrap, and uniform spring tension springs are more advantageous for precision distances.

3) Electric: display numbers

The studio workshop produces chains that may be manually placed on the stop replica watches. It is possible that the automatic chain movement, which involves the main parts of the movement, such as the home base, the bridge and the tire production fake watches workshop, all achieve their production, so it can be called a model Wait. d.